The “M” word

K-Lo admits that her future potential husband* might have a bit of a problem with the Republican base (and by base, we mean the “Adam & Eve rode dinosaurs” base) Read the posts from the bottom up. Yes, I know it’s hard, but you’re a big boy/girl/neutral on the whole gender thing:

When I wrote my NRODT story on Romney earlier this year, I cited a poll in which 4 percent of Americans said they’d never vote for a Catholic for president, 6 percent said they’d never vote for a Jew — and 17 percent said they’d never vote for a Mormon.
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Understandably, they aren’t high, according to a recent poll viewable here (scroll down). Only 4 percent of GOPers say they prefer him for 2008. He certainly doesn’t have the name recognition of a McCain, Gingrich, or Giuliani. But single digits right now don’t mean much. He’s actually ahead of George Allen, whom many Republican insiders believe has the inside track for the nomination.
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AP ON MITT [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
I’d object to the hostility toward Mormons shown by the mentioning of the word “cult” in that piece on his plans, but I’ve seen my e-mails. And, yeah, unless I have a skewed sample of evangelicals reading, it’s a problem.
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K-Lo is refering to this post.

*She’s planning on polygamy coming back in a big way.

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