Please. Don’t use “dissed”.
And “hizzouse”? That’s not for you either.

I rarely go read Mickey Kaus because, well, he’s unreadable with his weird boldings and the editorial asides (Ed: Is he a wanker? Why, yes. Yes he is!) that come from his only friend, the one who lives inside of his head, but here is an intelligent, nay, a brilliant ‘contrast and compare’ moment from the Mickster:

kf Essay Question: Rep. John Murtha is quoted in this week’s Newsweek saying that if Bush II had invited him to the White House and let him air his views the way Bush I did, his high-profile call for rapid redeployment in Iraq could have been avoided.

“If they’d talked to me, it wouldn’t have happened.”

In 1995, Newt Gingrich publicly suggested he wouldn’t have provoked a government shutdown if he hadn’t been made to use the rear door of President Clinton’s plane. Gingrich was widely denounced as a petty crybaby. How is what Murtha told Newsweek any different? Murtha says he thinks the nation is on a disastrous course in the Iraq War. Would he really not have spoken out if he’d been “talked to” and buttered up with access? (Murtha explicitly notes that Bush I didn’t necessarily take the advice of his White House guests. He was just courteous enough to invite them and “listen to” them.”)

Is Murtha a dissenter or just dissed? Discuss.

Now I’ll agree that the Bush Inner Circle might have rolled their eyes and made jerk-off motions with their fists if Murtha had attempted to give them some advice. After all, what experience does he have with military matters and war and failed attempts to create the American Dream elsewhere, compared with Cheney and Condi and Rummy and Wolfowitz and Douglas “the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth” Feith?

But to compare the passing over of counsel with being made to use the backdoor of an airplane, well, that’s just…hmmmm, what’s the word?

Oh, yeah: stupid.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....