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White House silences gay seniors' voice at conference

Good night, the White House homophobes are terribly cruel. How can anyone defend this slight? (365gay):

Once every 10 years authorities on aging gather for the White House Conference on Aging (WHCoA). They meet, present papers and make recommendations to the President and the Congress on national aging policies for the future. The 2005 WHCoA is the fifth in the history of the United States and the first of the 21st Century.

But, this conference, under the Bush Administration, any discussion on aging in the LGBT community has been squelched. Today at a press conference elder advocates challenged the administration for refusing to include sexual orientation, gender identity and other vulnerable populations in its resolutions.

…Sexual orientation and gender identity were included in 1995 resolutions, but were ultimately eliminated. Now, 10 years later, sexual orientation and gender identity were not even included in resolutions at any juncture — nor has there been any opportunity for such inclusion — at WHCoA, which concludes on Wednesday.

…Official WHCoA delegate Terry Kaelber — the only delegate invited from an LGBT organization — slammed the WHCoA at today’s press conference at the WHCoA site in Washington, saying there has been a “concerted effort” by the administration to “limit discussion and control the outcome” at the WHCoA.

“The process has been to exclude, not include,” said Kaelber, executive director of Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE). The New York delegation fired off a letter to the WHCoA policy committee — whose members are appointed by the president and Congress and in essence runs the show — questioning the integrity of the entire process.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding