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This makes me feel much more confident about his leadership

“But I’m very aware of what’s in the news. I’m aware because I see clips. I see summaries,” he said, adding that staffers also brief him on “what’s brewing today.”

Yes, he’s comfortable with his level of knowledge about the outside world. That says a lot, doesn’t it — we’re just “misunderestimating” him. You can now sleep well at night, knowing that Bush is well aware of all that is important to this great nation. (Reuters):

U.S. President George W. Bush said on Monday that he does not live “in a bubble” and that he is well aware of what is going on outside the White House, rejecting critics’ claims that he is out of touch with public opinion.

“I don’t feel in a bubble,” Bush said in an interview on “NBC Nightly News.”

Bush said he gets “really good advice” from “very capable people” and that people from all walks of life provide information to him and his advisers.

I feel very comfortable that I’m very aware of what’s going on,” Bush said.

…”Every morning I look at the newspaper,” Bush told NBC. “I can’t say I’ve read every single article in the newspaper. But, I definitely know what’s in the news.”

I’m sure he checks out the sports section. Remember, Clinton had the opposite problem – aides thought he was too into the details, read voraciously and argued all side of an argument. We all know that’s not going on in this White House; I don’t even think folks on the other side would dispute the fact that this President isn’t even a Cliff Notes kind of guy.

Shakes Sis has a great post on this, which was generated from Newsweek’s latest cover story on the Chimp, “Bush in the Bubble.” The idea that the President is out of it has been chatter on blogs and in the shadows of comments from “anonymous White House sources” for months and months, but now that he’s a lame duck, it’s out in the open.


His close friends agree that Bush likes comfort and serenity; he does not like dissonance. He has long been mothered by strong women, including his mother and wife. A foreign diplomat who declined to be identified was startled when Secretary of State Rice warned him not to lay bad news on the president. “Don’t upset him,” she said.

Additional evidence of his infamous incuriosity, manipulativeness, self-isolation, and the remainder of the lexicon of unflattering traits associated with Bush is on full display as well. This guy is totally out to lunch.

Thanks to Sean for the pointer.

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Pam Spaulding