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Does Usher quiz his entourage to root out the homos?

Poor Usher. The R*B crooner (and box office bombster) must think gayness is catching. How else can you explain this level of homophobia? Does he have bodyguards monitoring his orgies to make sure there is no errant male ass-grabbing of his hard body?

In the latest issue of Complex magazine the singer was asked if there were ever any homosexual activity at his famous orgy parties and the superstar responded, “There was women on women but never man on man. Shit, nowhere near that! No one I ever roll with or ever would have roll with would get down like that.”

This body is for the ladies only.

So this must mean that none of Usher’s hairstylists, wardrobe stylists, trainers, producers, executives, friends, family members or anyone else (that comes within 10 feet of him for that matter) are gay.

Yes, I’d like to know if the man has some sort of arousal test for his male hangers-on and staffers.

Hat tip, BlogActive.


2005 Weblog Awards update: The Blend is still hanging on to the lead in the Best LGBT Blog Category — currently by about 280 votes. You can vote once a day per IP addy through December 15.

Many thanks to all of you out there for the votes, emails and posts of support. 🙂


Another update…House Blender Jennifer of Intous emailed me a post from one of the finalists in the Weblog Awards, who is saying the Blend shouldn’t win because I have some sort of “lesbian advantage”, hee hee (that’s a first)…She writes:

Boi From Troy has put the gauntlet down – doesn’t think a “girl” should win Best Gay Blog. I will admit that Rally Behind the Fag is somewhat funny…..but I prefer Build Up the Dyke, myself.

They really do take this award stuff seriously – note, I haven’t slagged anyone else’s blog. People should simply vote for the blog they like; PHB was leading before any endorsements. But this is what we’re up against, lololol. Peace, fellas. 🙂

Surprisingly, even though Pam’s House Blend is in the lead, and we cannot let a Girl win best Gay Blog, can we?!? Especially since she’s got an inherent advantage being the ONLY Lesbian blog among the 15 finalists…and that is the only reason some blogs are asking you to vote for her (how sexist!)

Nonetheless, BratBoy School is within spitting distance and can overtake her 300 vote lead if we all rally behind the fag!

One should note that the award is for Best LGBT Blog, not “Best Gay Male Blog.”

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