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Concerned Women for America cannot find the remote control

All that smut on cable, heavens to Betsy! The good women (oops, and men — Robert Knight) at CWA are pissed at the cable companies because the moralists seemingly have lost the power to use the remote control or use parental settings. (AgapePress):

Concerned Women for America is wondering if families really want television cable companies to determine what constitutes “family-friendly” fare if groupings of such programming come to pass. A spokesperson for CWA says putting control of family-friendly “tiers” available to cable subscribers in the hands of cable companies is a “sell-out.”

Lanier Swann says companies that broadcast “some of the most graphically immortal material in television history” cannot be trusted to create family-friendly grouping of programs. Swann says parents should be the ones who decide what is appropriate for their children to watch on TV. “Cable choice is a far better option for empowering parents to keep filth away from our children and restore rightful authority to all consumers,” Swann adds. “We cannot let cable companies decide what constitutes a ‘family-friendly’ program.”

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