Australian police turn out to prevent rioting

SYDNEY, Australia – More than 450 police, four times the usual number, patrolled Sydney’s streets on Tuesday to prevent a third night of racial violence by youth gangs who have attacked people, smashed cars and hurled rocks at police.

See, see! Of course you have to expect riots and violence. That’s the logical result in a society with cradle-to-the-grave socialism. Tax something and you get less of it, subsidize it and you’ll get more of it. The youth get such a gravy train stipend from the state that they have no personal investment in the society. Many of them have never worked a real job in their lives,… wait a minute… Australia? Sorry, I thought you said “France”. Go on…

Racial violence erupted at Sydney’s Cronulla Beach on Sunday when some 5,000 people, some yelling racist chants, attacked youths of Middle Eastern background. Police said white supremacists incited it.

Drunk mobs of youths, some wrapped in Australian flags, said they were defending their beach after lifesavers were attacked. They believe the attackers were of Lebanese background.

On Monday, gangs of youths, mainly of Middle Eastern background, attacked several people with baseball bats, vandalized cars and were involved in rock-throwing skirmishes with police for a second night, officials said.

Sudden, unexpected riotous violence can happen anywhere. It can occur because of poverty, injustice, racial and ethnic hatred, or your home town team winning the NBA Championship. But this next part is a little scarier, especially if you’ve seen Hotel Rwanda.

Australian media reported that mobile telephone text messages from Australians of Anglo-Saxon and Middle East backgrounds were both calling for revenge attacks to continue.

Police said a text message calling on people to start “cracking skulls” had been received on the Gold Coast tourist strip in the tropical northern state of Queensland.

“This Sunday is our turn to have a go and fight for the Gold Coast. These grease ball monkeys with their gold chains and fully sick cars need to know that we’re not copping any,” local media quoted the message as saying.

Replace the radio with the text message, replace the “cockroaches” with the “grease ball monkeys”, and replace the machetes with baseball bats and we’ve got the makings of “Hotel Rwanda II: Australian Boogaloo”.

The racial violence has prompted criticism of Australia’s multi-cultural immigration policy, with commentators saying ethnic differences have been fostered for many years.

Many social and ethnic leaders said the violence was primarily “gang warfare” and not purely race riots and that the youths involved felt economically and socially disadvantaged.

But some politicians laid the blame squarely on racism.

“We are just getting a sample of what happened in France a few months ago,” said Labor opposition politician Harry Quick.

“We have reached a pressure cooker stage here. People of ethnic minority in Australia are just taking things into their own hands.”

Nope, nope. Fellas, it’s obviously liberals’ fault. Somehow. Probably French liberals.

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