The marriage of the sublime and the stupid.

Via Atrios we go to First Draft which offers up Mike Socolow who wonders why the media and the White House can’t just get along.

The tension between the press and the government has hypertrophied to the point that neither is acting in the public interest. It is time for these two adversaries to discuss the patterns of behavior creating such rancor and frustration. Both sides must be willing to exchange and recognize legitimate criticism in an open forum. Grievances may not be easily resolved. But discussion in the spirit of inquiry rather than recrimination will initiate a more constuctive relationship.

Jesus. Apparently there is some kind of media-centric Dr. Phil out there who specializes in bringing together self-serving power-mad egotists and the lazy-ass courtesans who service them (with the occasional light S/M verbal abuse to keep it interesting). Let’s call them Vichy Journalists.

You know, if I’m thinking about J-school, the last person I want to accept pearls of wisdom from is someone who also wrote this:

While airing phony documents is inexcusable, the real question concerning Rather’s departure is how he managed to retain his job in light of the steady ratings decline of the “CBS Evening News.” Surely CBS management knew that Rather’s quirky personality was a liability. His proclivity for unpredictable behavior led him to walk off the set one evening in September 1987, and in the mid-1980s he mysteriously — and briefly — signed off his newscast with the word “courage.” In 1993, when his ratings were a third of Cronkite’s 1981 numbers, he teamed up with Connie Chung in a desperate attempt to remain competitive. That experiment proved a failure; CBS News continued to trail both ABC and NBC in both ratings and relevance. The other two networks would go on to own the O.J. Simpson story and the Clinton impeachment in ways CBS News could only envy.

Yes. All-OJ, All The Time and the Blowjob That Shook the World were certainly shining examples of the Golden Age of American Journalism.

Socolow seems to be of two minds. First he deplores the freakshow quality of modern news, but then he criticizes both CBS and Rather for not gorging themselves on hype, overkill and innuendo, leaving them gaunt and starving for both “ratings and relevance”.

Looks like Rupert Murdoch has found the perfect frontman.

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