U.S. drug agents raid medical marijuana sites

After the Raich v. Gonzalez Supreme Court decision last June, which decided that federal marijuana prohibition still trumps state medical marijuana laws, the feds said:

Federal law-enforcement officials sought to dispel the idea that drug agents would be unleashed on marijuana-using patients in California and other states.

“The vast majority of our cases are against those involved in trafficking, and major cultivation and distribution,” Karen P. Tandy, head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, said Monday. “I don’t see any significant changes in DEA enforcement strategies after today’s decision. We don’t target sick and dying people.

Today, in San Diego, California:

SAN DIEGO — Federal drug agents fanned out across San Diego on Monday, clamping down on medical marijuana dispensaries that had been doling out marijuana to sick and dying patients.

At least two teams of agents removed pot and equipment from about a half-dozen businesses, which are permitted by state and local law but illegal under federal drug laws.

The move came as San Diego County supervisors have refused to abide by state medical-marijuana laws by issuing ID cards to qualified patients. It also means thousands of patients across the county now have nowhere to go to buy marijuana, which they say alleviates a variety of acute symptoms stemming from chronic health conditions.

Elected officials not abiding by state medical marijuana law? Wasn’t that the end of civilization when it was Mayor Gavin Newsome marrying gay people against state marriage law? Hmm, San Diego county, I wonder what sort of political leanings we’d find there? Ah, I see, five boardmembers, five Republicans. Why do Republicans hate democracy and the rule of law so much?

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