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Novakula declares Katherine Harris toast

The Prince of Darkness says Katherine Harris may pull out of the Senate race in Florida. The GOP has been working mightily find a warm body that has better odds of winning.

Republican insiders believe Rep. Katherine Harris, with her fund-raising in the dumps and her staff constantly in flux, may drop out of the U.S. Senate race in Florida against first-term Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.

Harris became a national personality as Florida secretary of state, supporting George W. Bush during the 2000 presidential recount. With her campaign repeatedly turning over its senior staffers, Harris may not even raise $500,000 this quarter. A recent poll shows her trailing Nelson by 16 percentage points, leading some Republican members of Congress and state legislators in Florida to worry about their own re-election in 2006.

A footnote: Some GOP fund-raisers believe Rep. Mark Foley may jump into the Senate race to replace Harris. Foley has $2.35 million cash on hand, compared with Harris’ $470,000. Nelson had $6.5 million cash on hand as of Sept. 30.

Mark Foley, you say? You mean the anti-gay G-A-Y Mark Foley?

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More on the Foley outing here and here.

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