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Live lingerie-clad models in store window give Maine bible-beaters the vapors

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So sad. These bleating wingers have nothing better to do — who is forcing them to look at the display?

A grassroots pro-family organization in Maine has added opposition to a live lingerie display to its list of cultural protests. A downtown lingerie store called “Spellbound” in the state’s capital is what has draw the fire of decency advocates.

National media attention was drawn to the live male and female underwear models in the downtown store’s window, drawing both praise and outrage from store owners as well as the ire of many concerned citizens. The Christian Civic League of Maine calls it a national disgrace — but it is not illegal under any local ordinances or state laws thus far.

CCL executive director Michael Heath says the August City Council is not interested in pursuing available options of regulation under the law. “And the most appalling aspect of this is that the town council refuses to explore the legal options under the law related to obscenity, which clearly exist,” he remarks.

According to Heath, the city council has received legal advice not to pursue regulation of such public displays. But he contends towns have the right to define community standards and to address the issue of obscenity. Yet state officials there in August — “leaders who have the power to do something about it,” says Heath — are refusing to do anything.

Gov. John Baldacci’s spokesperson said that it’s a local issue and the governor is not going to bother weighing in on the innocent “marketing plan.”


In any case, Michael Heath has been quite busy. Before working on a way to remove the smutty bra and panty show from Spellbound’s window, he has, unsurprisingly worked hard to punish the homos. He demanded that Gov. John Baldacci pull his gay-rights bill from the Maine Legislature, and for anti-discrimination measures be put to a public vote — since the last two bills were defeated at the polls, that would suit him just fine. (Courier Publications):

…Heath said, “We reject their assertion that this has anything to do with discrimination. Maine people don’t actively persecute or discriminate against people who live differently than they do. Maine people rightfully do object to homosexuality. That’s not discrimination. That’s just common sense. If people are discreet about their homosexuality, Maine people have always been tolerant.”

It didn’t work out for Heath. Human rights protections for Maine’s LGBT community from discrimination in housing, employment and credit go into effect on December 28. The repeal effort failed 223,274 to 181,926. So much for the power of the Christian Civic League of Maine.

[Correction: Stephanie in Victoria pointed out that Maine’s gay rights bill already passed and a referendum last month failed to rescind it. It was certified last week. The date on the article was actually the site date; I updated the last section of the post.]

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding