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Freepers on possible McCain-Giuliani clash in '08

Here’s a little amusement for the afternoon. McCain’s team sounds like they are already running scared and pissing on themselves — as if Rudy would be the Bush-humping Senator from Arizona’s worst nightmare? Please. All they need to do is run these photos of Rudy and it will send the Peter LaBarberas of the world over the top:

The holy rollers will lose their minds over the images on the right.

From red-blooded NewsMax:

Sen. John McCain is preparing for a 2008 showdown with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who so far who leads him in the presidential race according to most polls.

While the two men remain personally friendly, sharing dinner recently at a Manhattan bistro, Newsday reports that McCain’s team is monitoring Giuliani’s every move – including keeping track of how much face time the former mayor gets on TV.

Meanwhile, McCain insiders aren’t shy about trashing the former mayor’s presidential prospects. “In my humble opinion, Rudy wouldn’t get out of the gate,” longtime McCain strategist John Dennehy tells the paper. Dennehy helped engineer the Arizona senator’s 2000 primary win in New Hampshire.

…They’re also on the alert for any indication that the former mayor is beginning his own campaign, with McCain aides routinely checking their contacts around the country for signs of Giuliani activity.

Meanwhile, even as “America’s Mayor” routinely outpolls McCain nationally, Newsday says his organization remains so small it “could fit comfortably into a minivan.”

So, what do the knuckledraggers have to say, as they drool over their crusty keyboards?

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“They are both too liberal for me, but I would rather have Giuliani than that dam McPain.”

“I am hoping McCAin does not run but I have this GUT FEELING he will. He’s practically drooling and foaming in the mouth over the thought!”

“Yes, he wants it. He keeps pushing on with the torture bill, though, when it will hurt his chances in the primary.” [Pro-torture fun – why do the Freepers hate America?]

“McPain what part of to old do you not get.”

“Once again……the MSM trying to annoint a “mod” Republican.”

“He would fill his cabinet with the gang of 14.”

“I heard Hannity interview Rudy once, and Rudy would not outlaw partial-birth abortion. His nominees to the Supreme Court would not be pro-life conservatives.”

“If worse came to worse… I’d take Giuliani over McCain. Helluva choice to haf’ta make.”

“I say that as this article is pure horse-sh*t. Neither of these Bozo’s have a chance at the nomination, and especially winning a general election – one, because McCain is certifiably NUTS and secondly, Rudy is a NE Liberal Democrat who calls himself a Republican. (my apologies to Bozo)”

“I think NewsMax and the rest of the media are just going by poll numbers right now. They just did a poll in the state of Georgia and Giuliani won hands down as the number one choice for president. When the poll numbers change the media will HAVE TO CHANGE WITH IT!”

“Were Condi explicitly pro Life rather than moderately straddling that fence, there would be little doubt as to her being best qualified. She is a genius. Her PhD obtained at a young age, a talented pianist, university president. Smartest woman in America? Not Hillary. It’s Condi. [My question: then what the hell happened? The “genius” has been replaced by a Bush pod person.] I just don’t know if the GOP can get past her lack of strong Pro Life credentials. OTOH, if the GOP can’t with her, why would it with McCain or Guilliani?”

“Oh great! A made for TV media event about as meaningful as Celebrity Poker. It looks like the next election will let me keep my spare time to myself and my money in my pocket.”

“Neither of these losers gets my vote. If this is the choice I choose to stay home.”

“You know it would be nice if there were a high profile conservative or two in the pipeline, rather than these two. I also find it interesting that you could argue that McCain, at least on life and things like gay marriage, is probably to the right of Giuliani. Yet, I would wager that even among conservatives who are strong on those issues, Giuliani polls higher than McCain. For me, McCain’s participation in “campaign finance reform” makes him a non-starter. But there is something just sickening about the guy. I don’t like that Giuliani is a liberal and sort of a crypto-statist. But, he doesn’t have the same skin-crawling demeanor as McCain.”

“We need a super cop and Rudy fills that spot.I feel W will take care of the court.McCain is for McCain.Rudy will put the country first.”

“I will not vote for McCain under any circumstance. He is a backstabbing, self promoting egotist. He is tempermenally unsuited to be president, too old and can not be trusted. Lately, the only reason to vote Republican is national security…Mr. anti-torture McCain would not keep this country safe. [More pro-torture fun – why do the Freepers hate America?] Therefore, I will vote third party in the unlikely event McCain is nominated. It shows how deluded McCain is that he would even consider running again.”

“Both men are liberal RINO’s and I want neither on a Republican ticket .”

“To keep hillary out of office, i would vote for either rudy, john, condi. I dont see any other republicans popular enough to take on hillary. If republicans want to keep control of the white house in ’08, your gonna have to vote for whoever wins the primary.”

“I agree. While Guilani is certainly no more conservative than McCain, he has supported the current administration at all important times. Treachery should bear a high price.”

“Few people could convince me to sit home on election day. McCain comes close. I do not want him on the ticket.”

“In fact, the Republican Party as a whole has become RINO. Dem Lite.”

“In 2008, the base will be especially important because there will be a serious primary race on the Democrats side, so few of them will be tempted to cross over and muddy the waters. Pro-Choicer Giuliani is not capable of exciting the base because of his domestic liberalism (pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, who’re we kidding?) McCain comes across to the base as a cranky self-centered show-boater who can’t play Team Ball. While some of his views are Republican conservative, he operates like a Democrat Senator, and it is not fragrant to the base. A lot of peole might be comfortable with Giulian at DoD or SecState or even as Veep, but top of the ticket is not in the cards for Rudy.”

“So…that said….who’s it going to be for the GOP in 2008?”

“My choices based on 1-10 grading:”

“Buchanan 9

Tancredo 8 [OMFG — this moron?]
Giuliani 6
McCain 4
Rice .5″

“This is one of those stories that refuses to die. Rudy who? and mcpain (media Az) might square off somewhere in some forum, but not in Re
publican primaries. Maybe Rudy who? can join the Media Party if mcpain lets him. Maybe that’s where they could “square off”. Rudy who? is a suppoter of gay “marrige” and Partial Birth Abortion. He can’t win a Republican primary. mcpain just won’t accept that he is hated in the GOP. He couldn’t draw flys in one of our primaries. This is a stupid story.”

“I hope they clash for the Democrat nomination. Both of these guys will not win the Republican primary. If for some reason, McCain were to win the Republican nomination it will be another Bob Dole performance. I can see the media now ready to dump out McCain’s medical records 2 weeks before the election making the American electorate seem like he will be dying any day. Hopefully we will see a “white knight” come along to rescue this party from the RINOS. McCain and Guiliani are not good for this nation.”

“Buchanan? Are you kidding. He will not win. Didn’t he run before and receive like hardly any votes. Can’t see this one. Hillary would win for sure.”

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