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Adam explains it all for you

You may remember a post of mine a while back on Christian Persecution Complex, featuring a look at my anti-blogger, Adam Graham. Well, he’s given it quite the lengthy response, in eight parts, no less. If you’re interested, the saga begins here. If you’re just interested in seeing how he replied to Holly, OddJob, and us Blenders in general, check the final piece, entitled “The Blogging Epic, Part Eight: The Cantina Patrons” (because, as he puts it, “Russ complimented the piece and posted over at the House Blend, which you can visit at your own peril. Its kind of like ‘The Cantina’ from Star Wars. Its a rough joint that I rarely venture over to.”) So, do I get to be Han Solo? And who’s Greedo? I’ve got an itchy trigger finger…

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