You! Are! There!

Somewhere out there…there is a bat.
And it has your name on it….

One of the pre-release selling points of PB&J Media&#153 was the promise of on-site reporting by bloggers who will put on their pretend-journalist hats and get the stories that those slackers pulling down George Soros money from the traditional pre-paradigm media refuse to share with us.

And it is with that in mind that we take you live, down-under, for this late-breaking newsflash:

Many emergency vehicles are converging on the site of the Sydney beach riots. Radio reporters are suggested a large number of “incidents” are taking place. Car windows have been smashed and bloodied individuals have been sighted by radio reporters. Residents are being advised to stay at home. More as information becomes available.

Several cars have been pulled over by policemen and persons have been arrested. The cars have been attacked by baseball bats.(my emphasis)

Fucking baseball bats are attacking women and children and a cabal of MSM types (no doubt led by ABC and their evil(er) twin, ESPN) don’t want you to know about it.

Those bastards. Those bloody bastards.

Thank gawd for $3.5 million well-spent dollars….

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