Ungrateful little twerps! As God is my witness, I made you and I can break you!
It is truly a sad day when the man who literally wrote the book on blogging is entered into the Weblog Awards for Best Blog and proceeds to run dead last (or as Mrs. Hewitt probably tells him, “fourteenth second place”). For those who weren’t nominated (and I include myself in that rather huge group) take heart in the fact that with thousands of votes cast, Hugh Hewitt is a mere (at this writing) 273 votes ahead of you (even if you don’t blog), but only he will have to live with the social stigma of coming in last.

And by ‘social stigma‘ I want to clarify that I’m referring to the social stigma that doesn’t have anything to do with being a part of OpenRobeAndDangling Media&#153 which is more along the lines of wearing a Ask Me About My Genital Herpes! button to the church singles mixer.

Additionally we should note that LittleGreenStormtroopers has only managed 1400+ votes, leading us to believe that the American neo-Nazi movement is either much smaller than assumed or that the opposable thumb transplants didn’t take…again.

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