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The Peter LaBarbera thread

The entry with my response to the letter I received from Peter LaBarbera from the supremely anti-gay (and gay sex obsessed) Illinois Family Institute is up to over 90 posts and will scroll off the main screen soon.

If you missed it, I’m placing a link to the post here. You can also go directly to the comments from this link.

I have not received any response from Mr. LaBarbera yet, btw.

Additional related reading from the Blend archives: Letter from a Blender to LaBarbera and An encounter with Peter LaBarbera.


BTW, the Blend is still leading (by 200 or so votes) in the category of Best LGBT Blog in the 2005 Weblog Awards. Thanks for such strong support, friends — I had no idea I would be leading the pack at any point when I found out I was nominated!

UPDATE: Gay Patriot has been supplanted by Brat Boy School in second place, and the latter is mounting a campaign in each post on his site to rouse his supporters as the blog closes in on PHB — so those daily votes count! Many thanks. 🙂

As you can see in the sidebar, daily voting continues through December 15. Props to Jesus’ General, which is winning in a landslide in the Best Humor/Comics Blog category, as well as Yellow Dog Blog, leading Best New Blog voting.

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