The hysterical symbol below was featured on the official web site of Washington State Democrats, which also had it for sale as a bumper sticker. It’s no longer there. This emblem got the balls of the wingnuts in a sling, and a blog decided to rail on it, so it was removed (but you can see it here).

The hypocrite fish was sold along with ribbons with slogans such as “Support Diversity” and “Support the Environment.”

Do you need any more proof that if you’re religious (especially Christian) you’ve got an actively hostile foe in the Democrat Party? Seems pretty cut and dried to me… What other message could they be trying to send?

Come on. And they say the Left has no humor? This symbol is directed at the numerous alleged “Christians” that have hijacked this country with the intention of imposing their moralist agenda on the public while they privately engage in many of the “perversions” they condemn everyone else for. The Conservative Values Monitor is overflowing in the Rank Hypocrites category, for goodness sake.

While the hypocrite fish is kind of amusing, I prefer my “fish n chips” graphic over in my sidebar. it links to, where they sell plenty of the kind of merchandise that offends the wingers. I don’t get a cut from these folks or anything, I just happened upon it and thought some of their stuff was pretty funny. Here are a few of my favorites…

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding