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CRS Disease

tamiflu2.0.jpgSomebody alert Big Pharma. Digby hips us to the dangers of the epidemic striking our nation’s capital — Can’t Remember Shit Disease. Remember when Viv chided Fitzgerald in her Woodward article? "[A] tireless prosecutor with a reputation for thoroughness, had to wonder, after two years and millions of dollars and countless hours of hunting, what else is out there that he missed:"

Yes, Fitzgerald was being uncharacteristically sloppy. Clearly, he should have rendered the entire press corps to Gitmo and injected them with sodium pentathol. After all, nobody in Washington takes any notes or has any conscious memory of any conversations they ever have, so there really isn’t any other way to get the facts.

I know he’s supposed to be a bigger person than the rest of us, priest of the law, yadda yadda yadda. But don’t you suppose at this point he’s had a bellyfull of childish DC bullshit? It’s not like he can go home and bitch to the old lady about it, either.

I say Rover gets the high hard one for Christmas. Just Because.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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