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Brokeback Mountain arouses the Right

Why read traditional reviews of the new “cowboys in love” movie when you can get the scoop on the deviance from the wingers. A sampling…

Former homosexual and wife say beware of ‘Brokeback Mountain’. That’s the actual headline, from our friend Stephen Bennett‘s press release to the Christian Communication Network. You may recall my earlier post on the ‘ex-gay’ radio host.

From the promo: ““She’s the woman that stole his heart. He’s the former homosexual man. Now married and on a mission… they’re out to set the record straight.

The first thought I had when I saw that headline about “Brokeback” was that maybe Stephen should beware that he might get a woody from watching Heath and Jake.

“This movie sends a very dangerous message to America’s youth – and especially married couples with a struggling spouse. I just spoke with a married man on the telephone who is contemplating leaving his wife and children. He’s says he’s gay – and Brokeback Mountain has influenced his decision. I spent a lot of time with this man telling him it’s not what they’re making it out to be. I know – I was there for 11 years.” Stephen continued, “Believe me, we can sadly expect to see a lot more men like former Governor Jim McGreevy of New Jersey not only resigning from their jobs, but from their wives, children and families.”

…First, I give it a ‘thumbs down’ for its message. Second, I give it an Oscar for the number one homosexual propaganda movie of the year.”

Stephen concluded, “In the end, don’t be fooled. This movie is not a ‘love story’ at all. Ask the real wives, children and families whose lives have been destroyed, as they have ‘lived’ Brokeback Mountain. Personally, I would have made the movie from the wives’ and children’s perspective and appropriately called it Heartbreak Hotel.”

Yes, “straight” men are just going to come out of the movie and just want to hump the next guy they see, and then leave their wives to discover man-love. Hmmm…what do you think is running through Stephen’s mind, Blenders?


Reviewers Call ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Twisted:

Focus on the Family Action Analyst Caleb H. Price said Hollywood is doing all it can to get people interested in a film that they know most moviegoers will not want to see. Set in Wyoming in the 1960s, the R-rated love affair between two cowboys culminates in explicit gay sexuality.

Dr. Ted Baehr of MovieGuide said the film has generated a tremendous amount of public awareness, including positive reviews from ABC and other mainstream media outlets — which have, in turn, invited him to comment on the movie.

His assessment? “If you’re not looking at this through the eyes of someone caught up in the ‘love affair’ between these two men,” Baehr said, “then the movie appears to be twisted, laughable, frustrating and boring Neo-Marxist homosexual propaganda.”

…Price said the movie will probably have trouble drawing an audience — because it has what he called a high “ick” factor. That includes, Baehr explained, a “San Quentin-type rape scene” of sex between the two cowboys.

If they’re not vomiting their way out of the theater when they see that scene, they are certainly going to be uncomfortable, and even in the uncomfortable aspects, they are going to be bored silly,” he said.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but for crying out loud, these ninnies are wound too tight — I have to see it just to see what Ted considers vomit-inducing. I’m sure they’d stomach a movie where lots of sh*t blows up, guns are blazing and swarthy people get mowed down without a problem.

Hat tip, Good As You.

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