Are we, we are…

Okay, here’s the pitch: A gay lion who
eats cowboys! So what do think?
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According to Box Office Mojo, The Chronicles of Narnia racked up $67 million this weekend, which should lead to more than a few conservatives who will misread the cultural tea leaves and point out that we are, indeed, a Christian country and Hollywood just doesn’t understand that, oh, and we need more Jesus allegory movies like Cool Hand Luke

Of course they won’t want to say much about Brokeback Mountain pulling in the big bucks in limited release, which might mean that we’re a pretty darn gay country too.

Disclosure: Never read Narnia, LOTR, Harry Potter, or the Dark Materials books. Just not my thing so I’ll pass on discussing their contrasting merits.

For those who want to know more about Narnia, there will discussion at the American Enterprise Institute tomorrow (Monday) evening, featuring a rare public appearance by America’s Worst Mother&#153 who will, no doubt, dazzle the audience with her grasp of obscure English colloquialisms.

I’d be there but:

A) I’m on the wrong side of the continent.
B) The lovely and talented Casey and I have tickets to see the reunited Bauhaus, as well as The Germs, The Bravery, and Alkaline Trio which makes me America’s Best Father&#153.



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