Play ‘Pull My Finger’ With David Corn

Will pay top dollar for oceanfront property in Arizona 

Jesus. We thought David Corn was a rube when he signed up for Lost The Will To Live Media&#153, but now we see that he’s pretty much everyone’s bitch these days.

On December 2, after the New York Times published an article saying that Viveca would now provide the backbone of Rove’s defense, it was clear that she felt the need yet again to “push back.” On Saturday, December 3 she nudged her good friend of 20 years, David Corn out on a limb as he “reported” an “anonymously sourced” story saying that Luskin was merely her source and not a friend.

Today she sawed the limb off, saying that “there is the occasional source with whom one becomes friendly, and eventually Luskin was in that group.”

It was sad, really, that Corn was used to float this unsuccessful trial balloon, which felt like an attempt to see what Vivac could get away with when she wrote her mea culpa. It was a spectacular failure, a falsehood quickly dashed on the front page of the Washington Post.

It looks like Alan Colmes long national nightmare is over. He finally has someone that even he can look down on.

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