Steel Cage Death Match

I’ve got the big hat.
I get to make the rules.
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Coming soon to pay-per-view – “Falafel” Bill vs. “White Smoke” Benny:


Pope Benedict warned on Sunday against rampant materialism which he said was polluting the spirit of Christmas.

“In today’s consumer society, this time of the year unfortunately suffers from a sort of commercial ‘pollution’ that threatens to alter its real spirit,” the Pope told a large crowd gathered in St. Peter’s Square to hear his weekly Angelus blessing.

He said Christmas should be marked with sober celebrations and urged Christians to display a nativity crib in their houses as “a simple but effective way of showing their faith and conveying it to their children.”

Falafel Bill

Every company in America should be on their knees thanking Jesus for being born. Without Christmas, most American businesses would be far less profitable. More than enough reason for business to be screaming “Merry Christmas.”

By the way, the delightful and easily amused Mrs tbogg called me from out of town this evening to report that the War on Christmas&#153 has gone multicultural. Sitting in a little Mexican restaurant with Mexican league soccer on the TV she reports that they are wishing their viewers “feliz festivalesinstead of the traditional “feliz Navidad“.

As Guillermo O’Reilly might say: &#161Ay carumba!

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