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Add Sears to the list of companies scared of the AFA

Sears decided to “save Christmas” because the AFA said so. (AgapePress):

In the wake of pro-family pressure and consumer backlash, one of America’s largest retailers has agreed to put “Merry Christmas” signs in its stores. Recently Sears was listed by the American Family Association as one of the many companies that have barred use of the word “Christmas” in their in-store promotions and retail advertising.

AFA encouraged concerned Christians to contact Sears and the other companies to protest the politically correct policies banning the word “Christmas” in their seasonal advertising. Now AFA’s special projects director, Randy Sharp, notes that Sears has started displaying “Merry Christmas” signs in all their stores. “We think Sears has been very responsive,” he says. “They are doing the right thing. And I believe a lot of Americans will appreciate Sears going that extra step to make sure that ‘Christmas’ stays part of our culture and that it stays in their advertising program.” Sharp says other U.S. companies are also making similar changes to include “Christmas” in their promotions.

Other companies targeted by the AFA on the “Christmas initiative” include: Target, Walgreens, Office Max, Lowes and Home Depot; coincidentally (or not), Sears, Target and Walgreens scored a perfect 100 on Human Rights Campaign’s “Buying for Equality” guide.

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