Eva at Lloydletta has corresponded with Dallas Ford Dealer Jerry Reynolds, the man who brokered the meeting between the homo-hating AFA and Ford over the automaker’s then-positive relationship with the LGBT community. She has his response up at her pad, and contrasts it with public comments of his in other publications on the matter. In his letter he claims:

You can believe the press or you can believe me, whichever you choose. But there was NO DEAL made with the AFA, period. I was successful in convincing them to call off the boycott because it hurts the DEALERS, not Ford. Ford sells NOTHING to the public and therefore a boycott would not harm them, only us, and we have no control over where they spend their advertising dollars.

Reynolds claims there was no deal, yet, as we all know, the end result of that meeting was:

1) Ford will no longer advertise in gay publications, and in cases where its other brands do advertise, the ads will not specifically target the gay community; and 2) Ford will no longer sponsor any LGBT events.

In Express Gay News, Reynolds has no problem expressing that he sides with the goals of the AFA:

Reynolds said the aim of the meeting with Ford is to “see what things most bother [the AFA] and what can be changed to make them happy,” Reynolds said. “If the AFA has input into the marketing content, it could have benefits to both Ford and the AFA,” he said.

“I believe in family values, too. I’m a Christian, too,” Reynolds added.

You read, you decide. Better yet, you can ask him to clarify things.

Jerry’s twisting a bit in the wind now because Ford spokesmen Mike Moran and Jim Cain have admitted publicly that those decisions were made because of AFA pressure.


And what might Ford think about the support it gets from this kind of open-minded, intellectual mindset:

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Woudn’t LINCOLNS appeal to log cabin Repubs?”

“The “Jags Are For Fags” and “Rump Rover” ads weren’t generating enough sales?”

“”Hello, Ford? We demand an emergenthy meeting with Ford ecthecutiveth immediately! What timeth do you have in your thchedule to meet with uth?!””

“”I’m sorry sir, but we don’t have the opening you’re looking for.””

“dont they all drive beater Volvo wagons?”

“Automobiles have sexual preferrence? Who knew?! So, Volvos take it in the tailpipe?”

“You left out Subaru.”

“Mustang has a history of confusion… but it’s very, very straight.”

“what about vulvo’s??”

“They went with gay adverts when they realized the cars were nothing but a couple of hangar queens.”

“A few years back when Ford started marketing to queers, one of their ads showed a guy driving a Probe up Uranus….”

“”Anti-gay industry?” Since when are gay folk suffering in America? Aren’t they at the high end(ahem) of the income ladder, and don’t they live rather high off the hog(oops)?”

“I hear they are cancelling production on a new car that you can get 8 in the front seat. with an easy entry rear door.”

“Indeed. They went gay to increase sales, and sales apparently went down instead. One wonders who the marketing genius was that hatched this campaign, and whether they championed the idea based on dispassionate market research (including unintended consequences) or based on personal gender proclivity … and if they’ll now be promoted to groundskeeper.”

“Trust me, if a gay or lesbian walks into a Lincoln or Land Rover dealership with $50,000, the dealership will sell them a car.”

“It’s simple. How much money are they spending to advertise to 2-3% of the population?? Just about everybody needs a car, regardless of your gender or orientation. Those have nothing to do with it. Someone just got smart and noticed they were wasting money for no good reason. A gay or lesbian or transgender who needs a car will get what they need and can afford, and not base it on who advertised in a barely-read publication.”

“Yeah, there are more gays celebrated featured on TV/Cable than conservative Christians. Christians get the back of the bus treatment. Hmmmm, perhaps we need own own Rosa Parks.”

“How many of these people actually buy American cars? What a waste of advertising dollars.”

“I know Subaru has a large gay following, but I think it would have to have a large straight following as well. They are about every third car in Utah and I doubt that is a real gay hot spot.”

“And Ford will have to do to Washington with a tin cup at some point. When they do the sodomites won’t be much help. Seriously, though, I saw an article in the WSJ yesterday talking about how corporate images rose and fell. It mentioned that Procter and Gamble’s approval polling fell by 9%. It never suggested that this might have something to do with their corporate support of the sodomite agenda.”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding