Read these…and an open thread

Since I am not feeling well enough to write much, I’m tossing some good reading items out there for you all to comment on…

* BTW, the Blend rolled over 450,000 unique visits!

* Shakes Sis has an piece up on the wonderful story of British couple Bernard and Joyce Rogers. In 1991, Bernard underwent gender reassignment surgery and is now Bernadette. They have remained together, “We have an absolutely ideal relationship. We complement each other in every way.” Because of the new civil partnerships law, they can now “remarry.”

* “… And watch the right run” is Nancy Goldstein‘s latest ace column. She takes on the Right’s narrow definition of “pro-life”:

What might the world look like if our elected officials and “pro-life” activists devoted the time, energy, and funding they currently spend on restricting abortion to helping women to care for their families? Or to ensuring that pregnant women live in a country where they need not worry that their children will survive infancy or go without health care, food, shelter, a good education, and a safe and healthy environment?

* Kathy at Birmingham Blues comments on the goings-on Samford University, a Baptist school in Birmingham where faculty protested an Intelligent Design speech. She also has sighted a Roy Moore for Governor bumper sticker. Good god.

* Those loser Ocean County Freeholders in New Jersey who refused to extend pension rights to the partner of a dying police officer and her partner are also f*ckwads. (Read more here.) Mike Rogers posts on it: “Well, it seems last night they pulled a really swift move. Rather than face the waiting media, the Freeholders slipped out a rear door. Wimps.” Mike called to find out the party registration of the five Freeholders — all Repugs.

* Paul passed along the horrid video scandal rocking the S.F. police department story. About 20 San Francisco cops face suspension because of their alleged involvement in what the mayor and police chief describe as videos (done on city time, mind you) that featured parodying stereotypes of gays, transsexuals, Asians, backs and portrayed women as sex objects.

* Facing South is blogging live from New Orleans. Posts about the current situation — and the impact of Washington’s neglect of the city — can be found here.

* Scott of Reality Cubed wanted to alert folks to an obituary for a pastor in Charlotte who understood that equality includes sexual orientation, not just color.

Until he retired in 1983, [The Rev. Charles] Milford rose to the pulpit each Sunday at Park Road Baptist and shared what was on his mind with a congregation that welcomed his warmth, honesty and often left-of-center positions. In the obituary the family worked on Wednesday, they noted his support for the “civil rights movement and integration of the local school system, equal rights for women and for homosexual persons, unilateral world peace, decent housing for all people, and efforts to end world hunger.”


Also, to leave you with a little item of suspense, I received an email from none other than Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute. I just don’t have the energy today, but I emailed him back and said I plan to post his letter and to respond at length to him here, because I want to politely address his points once I’m in better form.

It seemed like it took forever to do this post. Off to run a hot bath. These chills are awful.

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