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Mr. Fitzgerald Goes To Town like a very short chat. AP:

Special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald spent more than an hour Thursday morning at a law firm representing Viveca Novak, a Time magazine reporter whose testimony was being sought in the CIA leak case.

Fitzgerald and an associate emerged from the office of attorney Hank Schuelke at 11:30 a.m. EDT, declined to answer questions and rode away in a taxi cab. A short time later, a court stenographer left the building.

An hour later, Schuelke escorted Novak from the building and helped her flag a taxi. He declined comment when asked if she had provided sworn testimony in FitzgeraldÂ’s investigation of the leak of an undercover CIA agent’s identity.

I’ve heard that Vivac tried like hell to keep from having to testify under oath, but Fitzgerald was having none of it.

Meanwhile on MSNBC, David Schuster says that Rover indulged in something they are referring to as "rolling disclosure" — each time he went before the grand jury he remembered a little bit more. Schuster also seems to indicate that Vivac’s conversation with Luskin happened before Rove’s first February, 2004 appearance before the grand jury, and that in this testimony Rove said the subject of Plame had come up briefly. This contradicts earlier reports by the WaPo that in his first GJ appearance "Rove testified that he did not recall talking to Cooper about Plame."

Boy we can only hope Team Rove presume the Special Counsel is the credulous bumpkin they clearly take the media and the public for.

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