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MN cabbie kicks gay men out because of 'religious beliefs'

Why can’t the man just d-r-i-v-e? You can’t tell me that this cabbie hasn’t witnessed more than a “peck on the cheek” between het couples in the back of his cab. These ‘religious belief’ situations are getting out of control in this country. (WCCO).

Three gay men say they were kicked out of a Twin Cities taxi by a cabbie who said a couple’s kiss violated his religious beliefs.

The three men took a cab home after partying at The Saloon in downtown Minneapolis last Friday. Brent Opall said his friends exchanged a kiss in the cab. “It wasn’t anything very intimate, just a peck on the cheek,” he said.

Opall said the driver started yelling, “making statements like he can’t be surrounded by people like us — it was against his religion, (making statements such as) ‘Burn in hell,’ ‘Go to hell.‘”

…The manager said that kind of behavior by a cab driver is unacceptable and has never happened in the company before. Many local cabbies are Muslim, and many Muslims believe homosexuality violates Islamic law.

State Rep. Keith Ellison, a Muslim and an attorney, told WCCO-TV the cab incident probably violates state law.

You can see video of the story here.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding