This sucks. I’ve been fighting a flu bug for the last three days, but finally I just had to stay home. The over-the-counter stuff that I can take (most I cannot) just isn’t cutting the misery to a level I can function on.

I don’t care what all the medical talking heads say on TV, every year I get a flu shot, and a week or so later, I come down with something. It certainly doesn’t feel like “mild flu-like symptoms,” which is the disclaimer you sign off on before getting the shot. Well, yes, I guess it’s mild in comparison to something that kills, you, but damn, I just want to sleep. Actually, that would be great if I could 1) breathe, and 2) stop coughing.


FYI: 2005 Weblog voting for Best LGBT Blog continues to be interesting, with the Blend holding a small lead over Gay Patriot. You can vote daily until 12/15.

Also, thanks to fellow finalist Jeremy, of the stellar Good As You. Unsolicited, he has also asked his crowd to lend support (as Mike at BlogActive did yesterday). Again, many thanks to all of you that enjoy the blog enough to click over and vote.

BTW, Surf over to Jeremy’s hilarious post today, Poo-based coffee: An epic tale of fun, faggotry, and feces. Based on that headline, I think you won’t find it surprising that he’s blogging about the unhinged crowd at the Westboro Baptist Church. It’s un-f*cking-believable. Here’s a hint of the batsh*ttery:

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding