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Wisconsin nutcase calls for 'open season' on homos

“[I’m] concerned there are people out there . . calling themselves Christians, with this kind of attitude. This time of year to be discussing something in such a negative light as this phone call was, is just amazing to me.”
— Wisconsin State Senator Dave Hansen, on an anonymous message left on his voicemail

Of course it’s easy for a cowardly bastard to leave a dumbass message like this without a name attached:

“We gotta stop these queers. There’s no question in everybody’s mind that this cannot go through. Uh, we, we…this is getting ridiculous. We gotta..we gotta stop this..there’s no such thing as queer marriages..we gotta stop fact, no, i think we should have an amendment put on the ballot, a referendum, uh, maybe we should have an open season on those people and just let ’em know how we really think. Okay? Bye.”

You can listen to it here. It’s obvious that the unhinged batsh*t-crazy crowd feels that they are losing cultural ground.

In this case its the Wisconsin Taliban that is becoming more and more irrational (if that is possible for these people) as the state Senate is expected to take up a constitutional amendment today prohibiting gay marriage and civil unions. The Family Research Institute of Wisconsin sent out 4,000 copies of a propaganda DVD entitled, “The Battle for Marriage in Wisconsin” to churches across the state.

According to, the film juxtaposes images of the flag and traditional families with gay couples, suggesting that homosexuality is un-American. It also uses the scare tactic that “without an amendment Wisconsin courts could follow the Massachusetts Supreme Court and clear the way for gay marriage.” Smell the fear

“Who knows what the next attack will be?” the video proclaimed. “If we continue down this road we’ll be asked to legalize marriage between one man and two or more women or even between groups of people.”

“We think that the churches are the key to educating the people on what this amendment is all about,” said the group’s executive director, Julaine Appling.

The DVD goes on to say, “But this battle needs many foot soldiers. We need individuals and churches just like you and your church all across the state to join us and preserve one man one woman marriage in Wisconsin for the sake of our future and our children.”

…”If this vast social experiment is allowed to succeed, what will happen to our churches and pastors, to our businesses, to our public schools, to our religious liberties, and most importantly to our children?” the DVD states.

Well, at least these folks haven’t mentioned our Agenda included Man-Dead Sex, huh?

Thanks to Jeremy of Good As You.

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