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Vatican to Boston archdiocese: gays are unfit to adopt

…allowing children to be adopted by persons living in (same-sex) unions would actually mean doing violence to these children.”

— Papa Ratzi, back in a 2003 document, when he was a Cardinal

The latest trickle-down gay-bashing from the power-mad Prada Pope. A letter has been issued from a DC-based Vatican stooge telling Catholic Charities of Boston that it can no longer broker adoptions if gay couples are in the pool of potential parents. (Boston Herald):

The recommendation was contained in a letter sent recently from the office of Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo Higuera, the papal nuncio, the source said on condition of anonymity.

…“The dioceses of Massachusetts are currently reviewing the issue of Catholic Charities having facilitated adoptions for same-sex couples,” the statement continues. “The bishops expect to receive a recommendation concerning this matter early in the New Year.”

Catholic Charities officials defended the practice in published reports. One official cited the need to work within state guidelines mandating that agencies allow same-sex couples to adopt. Another cited the good of putting hard-to-place kids in loving families.

… A church official in Rome said Montalvo could have become involved for a number of reasons — among them if someone in Boston had lodged a complaint.

C.J. Doyle is not down with the gays caring for children. (Source:AP/George Rizer)

An outspoken local critic of the policy, Catholic Action League of Massachusetts Executive Director C.J. Doyle, said he had not filed such a formal complaint. But if Catholic Charities is forced to stop arranging same-sex adoptions, he said, “We would obviously be delighted with that.”

And what about those hard-to-place children. Are they to remain in a foster system? That is preferable to being in a loving home of a same-sex couple? Benedict and his diseased brethren of bigotry in the church are slowly destroying it. Actually, they have really put it on a fast track on all fronts.

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