I just wanted to give a shout-out to Mike Rogers of BlogActive (and PageOneQ), who has asked his audience to cast a daily vote for the Blend for the Best LGBT blog. He’s way too kind

It’s that time of year… web awards season… when bloggers get to ask you to vote for them in an effort to be designated as the biggest vote getter. I was preparing my “it’s just an honor to be nominated with these amaz….” when I wondered, “How can these awards be used to create some positive change?”

Here’s my idea. Go to this link, and vote for PAM’S HOUSE BLEND. Why help move the Blend up to the number one slot? The logic is simple, In a blog world dominated by guys, Pam continues to break new ground. Her site is a daily must read.

Now get this. Fifteen LGBT blogs have been nominated. The total number of those blogs from women: One! Of course, this should come as no surprise as the awards are run by right leaning Wizbang.

Mike had this cute graphic up – where did he dig that up, lol?

So, I hope visitors will go to the Weblog voting page and vote for Pam’s House Blend and help put the L back in LGBT.

Voting has been brisk, with PHB and the conservative Gay Patriot trading places at the top of the heap so far. You can cast your daily ballot up until the 15th. I’m genuinely surprised to be up there at the top at all, so many thanks to everyone!

Merci! (Oops. Is that too French of me)?

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding