Hee hee. Nothing like a little political correctness by the White House to send the “base” into a tizzy. After all, they’ve been bashing retailers about putting the “Christ” back in Christmas, and their fearless leader has let them down — the official White House card, sent to over a million people wishes recipients a happy “holiday season.”

As the WaPo article says, “some conservative Christians are reacting as if Bush stuck coal in their stockings.”

“[Bush] claims to be a born-again, evangelical Christian. But he sure doesn’t act like one. I threw out my White House card as soon as I got it.”

— wingnut extraordinaire Joseph Farah, editor of the conservative Web site WingNutDaily

“This clearly demonstrates that the Bush administration has suffered a loss of will and that they have capitulated to the worst elements in our culture…Ninety-six percent of Americans celebrate Christmas. Spare me the diversity lecture.”

— the barely sane William A. Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

“It bothers me that the White House card leaves off any reference to Jesus, while we’ve got Ramadan celebrations in the White House,” Wildmon said. “What’s going on there?”

— new best friend of Ford Motor Company, Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association

Thanks to Blender Paul for this hilarious pointer.

Also: check out The Pensito Review, which has a picture of the infamous card.


In an event to remember — another one that ticked off the Right — the Chimperor, at the White House tree lighting ceremony, went off script and made an ass out of himself. (WingNutDaily):

…President Bush made a remark alluding to Jesus Christ, which some feel compared Him with Santa Claus.

While alluding to Jesus, President Bush thanked Santa Claus for coming to National Christmas tree lighting a White House last night (White House photo by Paul Morse)

Flanked by the first lady, as well as members of Congress and the Cabinet, Bush told the public, “The lighting of the National Christmas tree is one of the great traditions in our nation’s capital. Each year, we gather here to celebrate the season of hope and joy – and to remember the story of one humble life that lifted the sights of humanity. Santa, thanks for coming. Glad you made it.”

The remark received a few chuckles from those in attendance, as Bush continued to speak to a Santa Claus figure, stating, “I know you’ve got a lot of commitments this time of year. By the way, we have a lot of chimneys at the White House if you’re looking for something to do.”

By the way, after this WingNutDaily piece ran, the White House damage control machine’s whipping boy, Scotty McClellan, had to email an explanation for his brain-damaged master’s miscue to WND. He reassured them that Bush was just “changing topics.”

WND: Scott, just one question today. At yesterday’s briefing, the transcript records my quoting the president in his saying, “Each year we gather here to celebrate the season of hope and joy and to remember the story of one humble life that lifted the sights of humanity. Santa, thanks for coming.” When I asked you WorldNetDaily’s question, will the president apologize to Christians offended by his referring to Jesus as Santa, you responded, “The president meant exactly what he said, Les.” But last night, I received an e-mail which had your name on it, which said there were two separate – (laughter.)

McCLELLAN: Keep working on my e-mails, sending you things.

WND: There were two separate thoughts –

McCLELLAN: Must have been a little – must have been a little elf. (Laughter.)

WND: Well, wait a minute, let me just tell you what was in the e-mail –

McCLELLAN: Go ahead. I want to give you the stage.

WND: – which it said, there were –

McCLELLAN: I think I know where you’re going with this.

WND: – two separate thoughts – after he spoke about the meaning of Christmas, he then recognized Santa. And first of all, I want to ask, was that your e-mail? And was it your final and conclusive answer rather than, the president meant –

McCLELLAN: Well, it was my e-mail. He wasn’t, as you phrased it yesterday, comparing the two. Santa was at the event for the children that were there, and I don’t think you want to take Santa away from all those children.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding