Brian Rushfeldt has said gay marriage in the Great White North will mean the unimaginable destruction of society. Sound familiar?

“One of the dynamics that [Harper’s comment] sets up for our organization is it’s an encouragement to the very people we work with who were demoralized after we lost the [marriage] definition law six months ago.”

— Brian Rushfeldt of the Canada Family Action Coalition, about wingnut Stephen Harper’s priority to define marriage as between a man and a woman if Conservatives come into power.

At this point it looks like the Liberals will not win a majority in the upcoming January 23 election, but this James Dobson wannabe believes that he can build a groundswell of support on the back of the delusional Stephen Harper to elect enough Conservatives to overturn same-sex marriage.

The head of a Canadian pro-family organization says conservative Canadians will be energized now that Conservative leader Stephen Harper has pledged to reopen the debate on same-sex “marriage” in their country.

Ousted Prime Minister Paul Martin, whose government had only been in power for 17 months, barely fought off an earlier no-confidence vote in May, but was voted down decisively last week 171-133. The Globe & Mail of Canada reported that within hours of the announcement of the no-confidence vote in Parliament, Conservative leader Stephen Harper pledged to work to reinstate the traditional definition of marriage if he is elected prime minister in January.

Brian Rushfeldt of the Canada Family Action Coalition believes Harper has re-energized Canadians who were devastated after same-sex marriage was legalized six months ago.

“I was absolutely delighted to hear him go public with that [announcement], knowing that it’s a risky move for a politician to do that in one sense,” says the Coalition president and co-founder. “And yet I am so convinced that the majority of Canadians are going to be delighted by that. We’re very encouraged with Stephen Harper’s comment and commitment to reopen the whole issue on same-sex marriage.”

— and I think that dynamic certainly might help very much on the Conservative side for getting out the vote as well.”

Rushfeldt expects the marriage issue will help bring more Conservatives to the polls. “They will be excited; I think we can mobilize them on this fact,” he says.

Mike Tidmus.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding