Even Jesus Hates Creed, Part II: The Return of the Crapmeister

Via gttim the continuing downward spiral of Scott Stapp:

After the tumultuous breakup of international superstars Creed, Scott Stapp moved on to pursue his own music and the rest of the band formed the moderately successful Alter Bridge.

Stapp recently released his debut solo album “The Great Divide” and he’s telling the media that he’s never felt happier making music because now he can call the shots without having to feel like he’s alienating a whole band.

With Creed, Stapp says he wrote most of the music and did most of the representing of the band in the media. In addition he had to juggle the egos of band members enjoying the success of selling 30 million records.

Now he’s on his own, but Stapp tells the Associated Press the signature post-grunge Creed sound is still his style of music.

“Creed’s sound is my sound,” Stapp says. “I think my record is going to speak for itself to the Creed fans. I think it’s going to be like when Sting left The Police.”

Actually we think it’s going to be more like when Hervé Villechaize left Fantasy Island, but that’s just us and we’re funny that way.

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