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Howler: AFA using a failed 'ex-gay' in video

Wayne Besen has the scoop over on PageOneQ.

Author and activist Wayne Besen is reporting that the American Family Association is continuing to use the story of Michael Johnston, a so-called ex-gay, in their propaganda campaign against gay and lesbian Americans. “When I first saw the video featuring Johnston on the AFA website, I was shocked. How could an organization like the AFA keep on using an HIV positive, failed ex-gay, as the centerpiece of their efforts?” Besen told PageOneQ this morning.

Johnston allegedly continued to engage in unsafe sex two years ago — with several men in Virginia. This resulted in Johnston stepping down from his role as spokesman for the “ex-gay” movement.

Hahahahaha. Wayne Besen has called on The American Family Association to immediately stop selling the video “It’s Not Gay.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding