Hil and new buddy Bob Bennett of Utah.

House Blender and Julien’s List contributor ‘Bean is steaming over the latest transparent and craven move by Hillary Clinton to cozy up to the wingnut faction. As he puts it:

“She’s Co-Sponsoring a bit of Flag-Burning legislation with a Right-Wing Freak from UTAH. Never mind the hardcore Lefties AND Righties who happen to rather LIKE the First Amendment!”

She tries to mitigate this sad move by saying she’s against a constitutional ban on flag attacks. Come on, Hil. Do you think we are all dumb as rocks? (Newsday):

Clinton, D-N.Y., has agreed to co-sponsor a measure by Republican Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah, which has been written in hopes of surviving any constitutional challenge following a 2003 Supreme Court ruling on the subject.

Her support of Bennett’s bill follows her position in Congress last summer, when a constitutional ban on flag-burning was debated. Clinton said then she didn’t support a constitutional ban, but did support federal legislation making it a crime to desecrate the flag.

In her public statements, she has compared the act of flag-burning to burning a cross, which can be considered a violation of federal civil rights law.

The Bennett-sponsored measure outlaws a protester intimidating any person by burning the flag, lighting someone else’s flag, or desecrating the flag on federal property.

Hillary, like her colleague on the other side of the aisle, the Bush-humping, AZ marriage amendment-supporting John McCain, will do whatever it takes to try to bring that public image to the perceived center.

The error is they believe that they must kowtow to the lowest common denominator — the 35% or so of wingnut sheeple that are probably not going to vote for either of them anyway.

Since when has freedom of speech been against her core principles? Probably since the last focus group or polling her minions conducted about her national political viability. Ultimately, that is tie that binds her to Bill. It’s all about putting the finger in the wind, and if any group, opinion, or idea stands in the way of political success, it will be tossed overboard in a heartbeat. I suppose that would be fine if it’s strictly a Trojan horse to win and then to push for more progressive policies, but we know how that worked the last time around, especially for the LGBT crowd.

Bill gave us Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and DOMA, and even told Kerry to toss gays overboard to get the win in 2004. When we compromise and bite the bullet for the centrist Dems that curry favor with the Right Wing, progressives get a condescending pat on the head and a lecture to be quiet. As we have seen in the case of gay rights, we didn’t get a return on the investment — in fact, we’ve been fighting the AmTaliban to keep rights from slipping away ever since, state by state, town by town — with no leadership at the national level willing to give vocal, unwavering support.

But don’t worry — the appeals to open queer and progressive wallets will continue unabated.

The Senator from New York will not be receiving a dime from me for her presidential run because this is just a taste of the “compromises” to come that no one will buy anyway.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding