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9/11 Commission: Chimp and Company get Ds and Fs

“We shouldn’t need another wake-up call. We believe that the terrorists will strike again, so does every responsible expert that we have talked to. And if they do, and these reforms that might have prevented such an attack have not been implemented, what will our excuse be?”
— former 9/11 commission chairman Tom Kean

Hit us again Osama — our Dear Leader hasn’t done a freaking thing to stop you. Even Faux News is reporting what a suck-*ss job this Administration is doing at “keeping America safe.” Frankly, the Congress is equally to blame, worrying more about pork pocket lining than whether our transportation and infrastructures are any more resistant to terrorist attack.

How many billions have been wasted on Iraq that could have gone into making you feel more secure? Didn’t Darth Cheney say that if Americans put George Bush back in the White House instead of “the other guy” that we would be safer? Why do Republicans hate America? (AP):

Meeting for the last time since being appointed by Congress in 2002, commission members gave the government “more F’s than A’s” among the 41 grades measuring progress on security recommendations they issued last year.

…Specifically, the panel gave the government an “F” on homeland security spending for cities most at risk, on improving radio communication for emergency agencies and on airline passenger prescreening. They awarded only one A — actually an A-minus — for the administration’s efforts to curb terrorist financing.

…Since the commission’s final report in July 2004, the government has enacted the centerpiece proposal to create a national intelligence director. But it has stalled on other ideas, including improving communication among emergency responders and shifting federal terrorism-fighting money so it goes to states based on risk level.

“There are so many competing priorities,” said vice chairman Lee Hamilton, a former Democratic congressman from Indiana. We’ve got three wars going on: one in Afghanistan, one in Iraq and the war against terror. And it’s awfully hard to keep people focused on something like this.”

…Kean and Hamilton urged Congress to pass spending bills that would allow police and fire to communicate across radio spectrums and to reallocate money so that Washington and New York, which have more people and symbolic landmarks, could receive more for terrorism defense.

Both bills have stalled in Congress, in part over the level of spending and turf fights over which states should get the most dollars.

And remember, the Transportation “SECURITY” Administration has declared that you and your buddies can now bring your blades (4 inches or less), screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers back on board. Sorry folks, your box cutters, ice picks, knives, and bows and arrows didn’t make the cut — pun intended.

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