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Jason Apuzzo, director of Terminal Island and, well, Terminal Island stamps his little feet because Joe Dante directed an episode of Masters of Horror for Showtime and Jason is still doing Christmas pet photos at PetSmart (“In this shot, you’re despondent over losing your little red ball.”):

That’s right, Joe. You’re the lone brave liberal in Hollywood speaking out against the war, and the tyranny of George Bush! And otherwise I guess Joe missed those press screenings of left-leaning screeds like Jarhead and Syriana – but hey, who can blame him? Joe’s obviously been busy in production on his self-described “pitiful zombie movie, this fucking B movie.” Took the words right out of my mouth.

A lot of our liberal readers aren’t going to like my saying this, but this article beautifully illustrates what the cultural Left has done to Hollywood, to our once great entertainment industry. Dante’s farcical ravings will now be broadcast to the nation on Showtime, and I hope you folks are proud! A lot of you are always telling me that those of us here at the Liberty Film Festival are responsible for ‘politicizing’ film, for degrading it into another vehicle for political invective. Because, you know, Hollywood was otherwise pure as the driven snow until now. Sure.

[Update: Govindini reminds me that actually this is the perfect film for Democrats, in so far as the dead get to vote … Howard Dean, are you watching?]

Ooooo, snap! Jason. And double-snap!! for Govindini)

Actually I don’t think anyone was telling the good folks at the Liberty Film Festival about their being responsible for ‘politicizing film’. There have been political films going back to Birth of A Nation. It was much more along the lines of not looking at every film for hidden political agendas that might somehow disturb your narrow worldview while shouting “dibs!” on anything that you like and then, on the chance that the film is successful, proclaiming it as sign from God that Hollywood needs more conservative films and hey, c’mon, throw me a bone, I’m dyin’ out here.

Begging and whining and snivelling is so unattractive…

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