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Tidmus on Canadian winger Stephen Harper

Mike knows who Harper’s idols are…

Civil marriage rights for gays should be decided by a public vote, according to Harper; and so he’s railing on that if he is elected, it’s at the top of his agenda.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says his party would allow a free vote on same-sex marriage if it forms the next government.

“It will be a genuine free vote when I’m prime minister. I will not whip our cabinet,” he said Tuesday in Ottawa…Harper raised the issue after his handlers had cut off further questions from reporters.

“I was asked about it, and it’s not a secret that it’s our commitment,” he told CTV Newsnet’s Mike Duffy on Monday afternoon. The people will have their say, and our commitment is to ask Parliament what its view will be.”

…”Mr. Harper begins his campaign with an unequivocal statement that, if elected prime minister, he would act swiftly to roll back charter rights,” Scott Reid, a Martin spokesman, said soon after Harper’s comments.

This is just the kind of thinking that drove me away from the Conservative Party,” said Belinda Stronach, who left the Tories in May to become a Liberal cabinet minister.

It’s very divisive, it’s divisive over individual rights, and for a fellow that wants to be prime minister of this country, I think it’s a very cavalier way to go with respect to individual rights and minority rights,” the first-term MP from Ontario’s Newmarket-Aurora riding told CTV Newsnet’s Countdown with Mike Duffy.

Asked if she saw it as a major issue, Stronach said: “Who is to say one individual is more equal than another individual? So to me, this is a very important issue.”

His little bone to the homos that have already tied the knot up there is that he will allow existing same-sex marriages to continue. Oh thanks, Stevie. Kate and I feel much better that you won’t shred our license.

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Pam Spaulding