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Some weekends are better than others

Light posting because it’s been quite a weekend so far. My sister-in-law and niece came to town and unfortunately the timing was such that she had a day and a half straight of morning sickness/nausea. We hope that she bounces back soon.

We did manage to get to the NC Museum of Life and Science here in Durham, which, if you have kids (or are even a curious adult), is a really enjoyable experience. Along with a tropical conservatory for butterflies, there are fascinating space, science and weather exhibits, many of which have hands-on items for kids.

One picture I snapped, over in the farm animal exhibit, made me think of about 57 million Americans, you know, the ones that voted for our Dear Leader…

Kate called this shot: “asleep at the wheel,” since the “driver” is clearly out of it.


Another blow was that Tonka was very sick (hurling) at about 3AM last night, looking weak, drooling and miserable. It came out of nowhere.

I took him to the vet today, and his ALT levels are four times the normal value, indicating something serious wrong with his liver. The folks at Colony Park couldn’t run a full panel, but it could be a lot of things, from the potentially fatal (virus affecting kidney and liver, cancer) to a bacterial bug.

While we were there, they put an IV put on to give him fluids, was shot up with Pepcid, and he’s not allowed to eat or drink until tomorrow AM. It’s watch and wait — I won’t know anything more until Monday AM when I take him in again for more tests.

He’s on a course of antibiotics in case it is the bacterial infection.

I am mortified at the thought of only having had Tonka less than a year (he’s nine and was a rescue) and being faced with the possibility of losing him.

He’s resting comfortably this evening and is enjoying the warmth of the fire.

I know, just wait and see.

Bailey, who had oral surgery on Tuesday, is doing fine. She perked back up the second day after she returned home.

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