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State-sanctioned humiliation

I think I’m going to be sick. Aside from wondering whether you are going to be killed, or forced to take hormones for being gay in a developing country, think about enduring state-ordered anal probes by sadistic “law enforcement” officials attempting to “prove” you are a homo. From Cameroon:

Human rights activists are demanding the immediate release of 11 men detained in a Cameroon jail for the last seven months on suspicion of “sodomy” and awaiting a government-ordered “medical examination” to determine if they are gay.

They were arrested during a raid on a gay bar in the capital of Yaounde. Four other men and two women arrested at the same time have been released. The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and seven other human rights organizations have signed a letter to the Minister of Justice calling for the release of the 11 men. and denouncing the medical exams that were ordered by a government prosecutor.

These examinations have no investigative value, are abusive, intrusive, and when conducted non-consensually and under incarcerated conditions, amount to cruel and inhuman treatment; as such, they constitute a serious violation of the human rights of the detainees,” the letter states. “In countries where they have been administered, these examinations have caused grave physical and psychological suffering to their victims.”

If they are convicted the men face 6 months to 5 years imprisonment.

Physical examinations of the anal regions of men arrested for homosexuality are common in a number of countries including Egypt, Romania and Zimbabwe. These examinations rely on the false idea that anal sex leaves lasting lesions or tears around the anus. Often involving the insertion of instruments into the anus, they are profoundly humiliating to those forced to undergo them.

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