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I'm shopping at Kroger

“Companies who choose to abandon the national observance of Christmas are finding that Americans are not afraid to speak out with their pocketbooks.”

Tim Wildmon, president of Mississippi-based “pro-family” tyrranical American Family Association

The grocery store chain is not buckling to the American Family Association‘s pressure to keep “Christ” in Christmas.

Kroger Company has explained its company policy regarding use of the holiday greeting “Merry Christmas.” The letter, signed by group vice president Lynn Marmer, says the stores wish to “reflect the diversity” of customers, employees, and society and to make sure every customer and employee feels “welcomed and appreciated.”

For that reason, writes Marmer, Kroger uses a variety of greetings and advertising materials during December — including Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Season’s Greetings, and Happy Holidays.

“We have not and do not intend to ban any of these greetings, including Merry Christmas,” the letter concludes.

Incidentally, Walgreens and Lowes have fallen into line, apparently intimidated by threats of a boycott by AFA’s 2.8-million online supporters and listeners of its nearly 200 radio stations.

In the case of Lowe’s, it announced it was going to “avoid confusion” and sell “Christmas trees” instead of “holiday trees.” Walgreens delivered a letter to the AFA stating: “Next year, you can be assured our advertising will better incorporate ‘Christmas’ — and our holiday trees will be called Christmas trees.”

This crap is out of control.

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