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Daddy Dobson's crew severs ties with Wells Fargo

“Focus on the Family has elected to end its banking relationship with Wells Fargo, motivated primarily by the bank’s ongoing efforts to advance the radical homosexual agenda. These efforts are in direct opposition to the underlying principles and purpose of Focus, and thus a decision of conscience had to be made, and a stand taken.”

— Focus on the Anus President and CEO Jim Daly

Focus on the Family’s Founder and Chairman James Dobson really got his panties in a bunch over Wells Fargo’s decision to support GLAAD by matching contributions to “fight for equality against the Anti-Gay industry.”

Who can be surprised at this move when Wells Fargo committed the ultimate sin of being friendly to the homos:

* Wells Fargo has embraced the GLBT community for over 20 years.
* Since the 1980s, Wells Fargo has given more than $14 million to organizations serving the GLBT community nationwide.
* The company has donated to several local non-profits and national organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, National Center for Lesbian Rights, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.
* 2004 and 2005 HRC Corporate Equality Index: Perfect score of “100”
* 2003 Diversity #7 Top Companies for GLBT Employees
* 2000 GLAAD Fairness Award
* 2000 Advocate Magazine: Top 10 Workplaces for GLBT Employees

Geez, GLBT support is old news for this company. Why on earth would Daddy Dobson do business with Wells Fargo to begin with?

Earlier this year we learned that Wells Fargo gave a matching gift to a pro-homosexual group to enable it to raise more money to fight organizations like our own. As one of Wells Fargo’s customers, we objected, and we received no satisfactory resolution from the bank’s corporate office.

We realize that if we dealt only with companies that reflect our Christian values we would have a hard time doing business with Corporate America. That said, when our bank allows proceeds from our business to be used to impede our work, we must object, even if it inconveniences us in our professional relationships.

Play the tiny violin for these FoF losers, boo hoo.

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