Rich Lowry’s Not Very Good, Kinda Awful,
Did I Say That Out Loud? Week

Since pheasants don’t shoot back…
Rich is winning!
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Rich Lowry did not have a good week. First he attacked James Fallows for not contacting sources to get confirmation on his story, only it turns out that Rich was wrong and he would have known that if he had contacted sources to get confirmation on his story.

Today, weakened by shame, or whatever it is he feels when he looks stupider than Donald Luskin, Rich posts a spolier-laden semi-review of Syriana. Obviously, with his defenses down, he was susceptible to the Hollyweird propaganda and this tumbled out of his fingers:

Now, there are plausible criticisms to be made of the Bush administration: for being unrealistic, for being incompetent, for being naïve, all the rest of it.

Whoa there, lil buckaroo! Men have been swift-boated for less than that.

If he weren’t so dreamy, K-Lo would probably call him on the carpet and make him grovel.

On all fours.

With a ballgag.

Oh. Ick.

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