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Diebold somehow slips into NC

“You are really asking for trouble. It’s going to destroy the confidence of the citizens of the state.”

— Joyce McCloy of Winston-Salem with the North Carolina Coalition for Verified Voting

In what has to be the most foul-smelling of developments, Diebold has been certified as a vendor after earlier this week saying it would not comply with the state standards, specifically to provide the source code for its voting software. (Herald-Sun):

The State Board of Elections approved three companies Thursday to sell voting machines to all 100 counties in time for next year’s elections, including a firm that complained earlier it couldn’t comply with all the rules for computer software.

Diebold Election Systems, Election Systems & Software and Sequoia Voting Systems all met minimum technical and administrative standards to sell in North Carolina, as determined by a panel of computer and election experts.

The standards were developed under a state law approved this year after more than 4,400 electronic ballots were lost in Carteret County during the November 2004 election. The lost votes threw at least one close statewide race into uncertainty for more than two months.

… Keith Long, who is advising the elections board with the voting equipment changes, said after talking this week with the three winning bidders that “none of them have the source code for all of their software they use.”

Computer experts still will be able to review any changes the machine manufacturer has made to the outside software to check if those revisions may have caused the problem, Long said. Diebold Election, based in Allen, Texas, threatened to pull out of the bidding because of its courtroom defeat this week. It decided to stay involved but still has questions, spokesman Brian Bear said. The company now provides voting machines to about 20 North Carolina counties.

The Brad Blog has more information on this “Immaculate Certification” — look at this sh*t:

One computer savvy voting activist with North Carolina Verifiable Voting has pointed out correctly that the Board of Elections now has another rather obvious problem. The statute requires the Board of Elections to review all of the code used in vendors’ proposed system before certification. Either they ignored this part of the code or they have some super code and security experts in hiding somewhere.

At the superior court hearing on Monday, the state Attorney General said that she couldn’t imagine that the Board of Elections would certify a system that didn’t meet all of the requirements of the statute. Well, they did and now she must defend them.

And who made the decision to go ahead and ignore the code and certify Diebold? A gentleman by the name of Keith Long was hired to be in charge of the process for the state. And what are Mr. Long’s credentials to handle this job? Mr. Long was one of the Diebold representatives responsible for previously selling the Diebold voting system to the state of Georgia.

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