Oh, those wacky crazy conservative kids

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Someone called Kevin McCullough who runs something called the Musclehead Revolution which is, I guess, just a more butch name for male pattern baldness, wants to stick it to the man. Okay, not the man; the ACLU:

WAR ON CHRISTMAS: MUSCLEHEADS FIGHT BACK: With kindness of all things…

We are excited to be launching the opportunity today…between now and Christmas we are asking you to send the ACLU direct “MerryChristmas” cards.

And we aren’t talking about these generic “happy holiday” (meaning nothing) type of cards…

Go get as “Christmas” a Christmas card as you can find… something that says.. “Joy To The World”, “For Unto Us A Child Is Born”, but at least “Merry Christmas”, put some of your own thoughts into it, sign it respectfully and zip it off in the mail to

“Wishing You Merry Christmas”
125 Broad Street
18th Floor
New York, NY 10004

On a side note we are developing an E-Card that you will also be able to send. BUT there will be no effect like actually sending a physical card to the office. MuscleHead guidelines apply – please be kind, even cheerful in sending the card. Trust me – kindness will produce more smoke out of their ears than anything untoward you could think of anyway…

And this is supposed to….oh, hell, I don’t know; offend the people at the ACLU? As a symbolic gesture this is right up there with walking around with a purple finger.

Next week Kevin will be setting a bag of dog poop on fire on Michael Moore’s doorstep.

That will so rock.

Hunh hunh hunh…



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