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mill-photo.1.jpgAccording to a source who wishes to remain anonymous because they don’t want to be identified (got that from a WaPo article on Paris & Nicole yesterday and I’ve been dying to use it — good one, huh?) Viveca Novak is indeed being called to testify before Fitzgerald at Luskin’s request. Rumor has it that in May of 2004 when Cooper and Russert were first subpoenaed, "inveterate gossip" Viveca knew that Matt Cooper’s source was Karl Rove and she just happened to mention it to her buddy Luskin. Luskin is now claiming that this surprise revelation to his memory-challenged client is what prompted them to go hunting through his emails and call up the one he had written to Hadley.

Sounds like another goat rope of the Adam Levine variety, but since Viveca Novak will presumably be writing a story about her chat with the Special Counsel, hopefully we will soon find out.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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