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Condi’s European Vacation

Might not be such a picnic:

The question of whether European nations have been complicit in the administration’s actions has seized the attention of Europe’s press, public and politicians since The Washington Post first reported on Nov. 2 that prisoners had been secretly held in bases in Europe or transported through them.

The newspaper withheld the names of specific nations at the request of the Bush administration, which has not confirmed or denied any details since then. Several European governments have denied playing a role or have demanded explanations.

Like you thought they were going to give up all those choice opportunities to be spun by Former Hill Staffers? As if.

European and American officials say Ms. Rice is beginning to realize that the issue has become so inflamed that she will probably have to prepare a more lengthy response before traveling to Europe next week.

"It’s becoming one of the public issues she’s going to have to address on her next trip," said a European official, asking not to be identified in discussing the delicate matter of pressures on the United States. "The mood in Europe is one of increasing concern over what people call the American ‘gulag’ and the reports of all these stopovers in Europe for prisoners."

Oh for the days when all a girl had to worry about was blowing up her hair dryer with the wrong power adapter. How is she going to explain the efficacy of "playing a little smackey-face" to people who’ve never even seen NYPD Blue?

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