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And the Winner Is…

While still no match for the Alien-like ratings rapacity of Bill O’Reilly and the War on Christmas, it seems that our favorite Keith Olbermann has bested Nancy Grace in the steel cage death match that is the prime time cable news ratings war. Does this mean informed content has finally trumped Judge Roy Bean with tits? (Thanks Steve, I really can’t top that one.)

Maybe the Hardball crowd will have themselves a good serious think about the implications of this. While we applaud the efforts of Matthews & Co. to cover L’Affair Plame at length, we have to question the wisdom of having Deborah Orrin on night after night to whinge on ad nauseam. Dig it: people who enjoy listening to Deborah Orrin just want this story to go away. People who are interested in hearing about this story just want Deborah Orrin to go away.

(hat tip Talk Left)

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Jane Hamsher

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