“Whatever it takes”, indeed

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VC Money Suckhole, LLC which hasn’t had much to cheer about since they threw open the doors and started parading around the internets with their fly open, toilet paper stuck to their heel, and some spinach stuck between their teeth, is all giddy (along with fringe outsider/sock puppet Michelle Malkin and Short Bus Wall Street Journalist James Taranto) about moveon.org first using a photo of English soldiers and then photoshopping the picture to make it look like they were Americans in an anti-war ad.

The blogosphere is agog over MoveOn.org’s doctoring of a photo of a British soldier in British military shorts to make him look like an American in long-legged fatigues for the organization’s new anti-war ad, which it has now pulled. As Mark in Mexico explains, first the group created a video that wrongly depicts “a scene in which a group of American soldiers are partaking of a meager Thanksgiving Day meal because they can’t be home for the holidays.” Then, GOP and College caught MoveOn compounding the fraud by altering the image for its online ad, replacing a British soldier’s inconveniently obvious British shorts with U.S.-style fatigues. Say Anything displays the shorts in full, Bad Example offers a side-by-side comparison (see accompanying photo) plus a visual critique entitled “Pants by MC Escher,” Generation Why links to the video, Michelle Malkin quotes the Army captain who spotted the fake and tipped off the Opinion Journal’s James Taranto.

Well there’s nothing like being “agog” I hear, and someone at moveon should apologize before the 101st Fighting Keyboarders&#153 show up at moveon’s palatial headquarters with pitchforks, torches, and Dan Rather’s head on a pike. It is simply inexcusable to photoshop a picture in order to score cheap political points.

You just know it’s coming, don’t you?

Okay. Here you go:

Appropriately titled “Whatever It Takes”, the new BC04 ad uses Bush’s convention acceptance speech, stirring music, and images of dedicated troops and families in the heartland. As astutely noted by mikellanes in this thread:

It also uses Photoshopped images to turn a small crowd into a large one cover over Bush at a podium:

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Torches flickering out, pitchforks drooping, Dan Rather’s head back to the freezer.

Story over.

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